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"Villa Gils is a piece of heaven in the most beautiful place in Bali."
David - Bali.

"What a beautiful place. Clean and refreshing. The staff are so friendly and kind, food - excellent. We loved the pool."
Diana, Chris and Molly - Singapore.

"…a fantastic experience at this very personal and unique villa. The staff should be very proud of the work they do and the level of service. We look forward to a chance to return…"
David and Jenny - Jakarta.

"We had an elephant ride I got to ride on the elephant head."
Emily (7) - Sydney.

"What a wonderful place to chill out and relax. The staff have been especially warm and friendly, and provided us with everything needed to make our stay here truly memorable."
Tim, Melinda and Emily - Sydney.

"We can’t believe our luck stumbling on such a wonderful place to stay. The staff saw to our every whim. Terrific food."
Debbie, John and Steve - UK.

"Nyoman is an excellent cook and experimented, at my urging, producing very tasty and spicy vegetarian meals."
Robert - Thailand.

"The staff are fantastic and made us feel pampered and totally at home."
Frankie and Jim - Melbourne.

"Everything was "lima" star. Nyomans cooking was "enam" star - outstanding at every meal."
Sue and Gary - Sydney.

"The most relaxing holiday I have had in years."
Faith - Sydney.

"The best staff ever - like family!"
John - Sydney.

"Well - where do we start? The standard of accommodation, the service, quality of the food, the healer - don’t even start me - fantastic."
Thomas - Norway.

"Thank you, thank you. Truly magic!"
Brenda - Sydney.

"I loved the pool and I surfed in it. I love the pool. I love food. I love the people."
Ben (9) -Ireland.

"It is beautiful here, I love it!" I couldn’t say my favorite thing because I love it all."
Emma (12) Ireland.

"I didn’t think it was possible to have such a perfect holiday."
Glen and Rodney - Sydney.

"I can’t find the words to give justice to the truly wonderful time I’ve had here at Villa Gils. The staff have been extremely helpful, friendly and welcoming - nothing was too much trouble and they should all be very proud of the amazing job they do. I can’t wait to come back."
Marie - Sydney.

"Wherever we go we will always think of Villa Gils as another home, and all the people as a wonderful extension of our family."
Kerrie and Coz - Australia.

"What an experience!"
Christoph - Germany.

"Came for the blessing, and feeling blessed to be here."
Lou - Thredbo.

"The staff were exceptional. Meals fantastic and the hospitality 5 star deluxe."
Lynn - Sydney.

"Wonderful to arrive in heaven without having to die!"
Merridith - Sydney.

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